Watercolors By Deborah Ann Dawson
Natural Impressions
Forest Angel of Grace Symphony for Chanterelle
New 2022Watercolors 2021New Art 2020
Symphony for Chanterelle Vivaldi III Woodwoo can't be stung or bit.
New Watercolors 2019New Watercolors 2018My Illustrations for books of local writers.
Big Hearted Pitt Vivaldi III Mother Goddess Blesses Her Medicine Plant.
Pencil Art New Watercolors 2017Mother Goddess's Healing Plant
Fall Natural Graphics Spirit Bear's Happy Dance
New work 2015-2016PhotographyNew Works 2014
Blue Wolf Brown Pelicans Southern Oregon Clouds I
2013 New WorksSeascapes2012 New works
Forgotten Reflection Spirit Bear's Happy Dance
2011 NEW WORKSNew Work 2010 Animal Friends
Manzanita Door in the River Wild Magic
Organic Design 2Organic DesignsLandscapes
Spring Angel Autumn Meditations
FlowersExpressions of Spirit