Watercolors By Deborah Ann Dawson
Natural Impressions

Deborah Ann Dawson


Artist, Deborah Dawson creates her art to express a deep respect and love for nature.

She has a beautiful way of using design and color to create intimate visual poems.

Her work reflects her personal philosophy about her creative process which

is meditative and intuitive. She is well known for her landscapes and

colorful interpretations of the natural world. 

Deborah has worked in the challenging medium of transparent watercolor for over forty years.

She is also highly skilled in pencil rendering and pen and ink technique and has

taught black and white technique in a commercial art.

Her Education includes a BS Degree in Art from Southern Oregon University and

40 years of consistently working on her artistic voice.

She has been an artist in resident for Southern Oregon Schools and an art instructor since 1988.

She has Judged numerous shows in Southern Oregon and is well known for her written critiques.

Deborah is available to come to your gallery or art association for workshops.

For more information you may e-mail her at birchgirlart@yahoo.com